Smart thermostat maker restarts production after blip ironed out

Post by The Commander on 19th June 2014 in Technology, Energy saving

Smart thermostat maker restarts production after blip ironed out

A company which makes a range of smart thermostats and other home technology devices has resumed their production, weeks after stopping it when it discovered the devices could be accidentally turned off with a wave of the user's hand.

Initially built in as a feature intended for use when the owner had dealt with the cause of the alarm being activated, Nest Labs soon started getting reports of the alarm's motion detectors accidentally deactivating the device as owners walked past it or waved their hands in front of it.

So, having sold a reported 440,000 of the units when this unforeseen quirk was discovered, the company decided to stop production until it could update the control software on those units already sold.

The feature has also been disabled from all devices now being produced, although Nest was keen to stress that there had not been any reports of the defect leading to the devices not being activated in a real emergency.

But in an attempt to regain consumers' trust and kick-start sales, Google-owned Nest has cut the price of the alarms from $129 (£76) to $99 (£58.50).

Tech website speculated yesterday: "You have to wonder how the folks at Google feel about their foray into the world of home automation.

"Google paid $3.2billion (£1.9billion) for the company earlier this year and if you figure they might make £15 profit on each unit they sell then they’ll have to ship 160 million units. That’s a lot of smoke detectors."

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