Cleaning behind the cooker only tackled by 4pc of households a year

Post by George Dixon on 30th May 2014 in General industry

Cleaning behind the cooker only tackled by 4pc of households a year

Just one in 25 people quizzed for a survey said they had delved behind their cooker in the past year and cleaned out what they found.

And the survey, carried out by cleaning company, revealed that those who took the plunge often made some unpleasant discoveries.

Among the finds reported were a dead hamster – which belonged to a house's previous owners and had apparently been there for several years – and, more happily, a wedding ring, which its owner had given up searching for, and assumed they wouldn't see it again.

One respondent even admitted to finding a winning, but sadly expired, lottery ticket, the Daily Mail reported.

A spokesman for the company, which gathered the information from its employees, said: "We appear to be a nation of clumsy people, and not only that we're lazy as well, with many people admitting they've never once cleaned behind the fridge.

"According to our staff, the lottery ticket was a couple of years old, and would have scooped its owner £50."

He concluded: "No matter how houseproud Brits say they are, they always miss behind the fridge.

"And if there's one item that unites us as a nation, it's the lost piece of spiral pasta." 

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