Former Soldier To Run Pennine 10K With Fridge Strapped To His Back

Post by Tom Williams on 23rd May 2014 in Refrigeration

Former Soldier To Run Pennine 10K With Fridge Strapped To His Back

An ex-soldier from Burnley is hoping to play it cool this June, after entering a charity run that will see him tackling the Pennine Lancashire 10k course – whilst carrying a fridge on his back.

Ex-Army Corporal Paul Tunstill is hoping he can handle the weight of the 30k refrigerator after being inspired by a former Para, who completed the London marathon whilst lugging a washing machine over 26 miles.

Tunstill decided to take on the Pennine 10k when he was forced to rethink his original plan of doing the race in full army getup last year, following the death of soldier Lee Rigby.

He explained: I was going to do it last year in full Army gear and bergen but after the Lee Rigby incident we were advised as a security measure we were not allowed to do it like that.

“They did not know if there was going to be more reprisals and I spoke to my unit at the time and they said it was not a good idea.

“This year I said I wanted to do something bigger and better. I saw that an ex Para had done a marathon with a washing machine on his back and I liked the idea.”

Several businesses have sponsored him to stick their logos on the fridge as he hopes to raise hundreds of pounds for Pendleside Hospice.  

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