Top research institute maps out future of home tech

Post by Tom Williams on 15th May 2014 in General industry, Refrigeration, Technology

Top research institute maps out future of home tech

The next steps in the development of technology – and how it will influence the way we interact with our domestic appliances as a result – have been projected with the publication of the results of a questionnaire from a leading American research foundation.

The Pew Research Center asked more than 1,600 entrepreneurs and leading lights in technology a single question: 'As billions of devices, artefacts and accessories are networked, will the Internet of Things have widespread and beneficial effects on the everyday lives of the public by 2025?'.

After answering 'yes' to the broad question, many of the projections went beyond the current wearable technology trend, to predict that the next big development was likely to be tech devices and controls which could be embedded in the human body.

In the home, one major trend identified was the use of technology to create sensors which could test for and notify owners of problems and defects in their domestic appliances.

However, Pew also found that scepticism about the usefulness of devices such as programmable fridges could hold back their adoption, with many people viewing such technology as 'only for geeks'.

One respondent also said: “I’d love to have my refrigerator text me when I was low on something, but if I had a car accident, would my beer consumption (fridge stats, grocery loyalty cards) be used against me?”

Project director Lee Rainie predicted that the widespread adoption of connected devices would happen in the next decade.

“People will see real elements of convenience and productivity as a result of these technologies,” he said. “They will look back on 2014 and realize we were doing things much more slowly and inefficiently.”

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