Spring the time to brighten up your white goods, says builder

Post by George Dixon on 28th April 2014 in Appliance safety, General industry

Spring the time to brighten up your white goods, says builder

Spring cleaning tips abound at this time of year for many parts of the house – but rather than the plethora of articles which concentrate on the fabric of a home, housebuilder Taylor Wimpey has instead offered some pointers for putting the sparkle back into some often-neglected kitchen appliances.

It suggests this is the ideal time of year to give your washing machine, dishwasher and freezer some much-needed attention, before the long days start showing up the stains and marks which betray signs of neglect from the rest of the year.

The washing machine's detergent drawer, it notes, often becomes gummed up with a gloopy mixture of the powders and liquids which we use to clean and soften our clothes. A quick and effective way to remove this is by removing the drawer, and soaking it in hot, soapy water. A similar process will get rid of detritus collected in the machine's filter, the article adds.

An easy way to restore the sparkle to the inside of your dishwasher, it goes on to say, is to run a wash cycle with just a cup of white vinegar inside it.

Defrosting the freezer is also a good job to tackle at this time, the article suggests, and this can be speeded up by standing bowls of hot water inside the fridge, so that the steam and heat from the water can help dislodge some of the thick ice which might have accumulated.

Finally, some of the most difficult to remove signs of use will be found inside your oven, and the piece says a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, mixed with water into a thick paste, applied to the oven walls and left overnight before being cleared away with a damp sponge, can help with this task.

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