Royal fridge gives 60 years' faithful service

Post by George Dixon on 21st March 2014 in Refrigeration

Royal fridge gives 60 years' faithful service

A Royal household member has let slip that a fridge at the Queen Mother's favourite Scottish highland retreat is still going strong after 60 years.

The Frigidaire model was one of the first things she bought when kitting out the Castle of Mey – then known as Barrogill Castile – after buying it in 1952.

The source told The Scotsman the now antique fridge was one of a clutch of then state-of-the-art electrical appliances the Queen Mother bought from a store in Wick in the far north of Scotland to equip her retreat.

Details of the fridge's many years of faithful service were revealed by the Queen Mother's former head chef of 32 years, Michael Sealey.

He added that the appliance was still giving faithful service, and said: "It is just a normal fridge of the period, but built to last. Other than being slightly chipped with age, it's in perfect working order."

According to the newspaper, the only glitch in an otherwise unblemished working history came when underfloor central heating was installed at the Royal property in 2000 which appeared to upset its temperature control. An 'old tech' solution of mounting the fridge on wooden blocks solved the problem, and it continues to pass annual electrical safety tests.

A spokeswoman for the castle, now run by a trust, said the fridge was “doing a great job and we have no plans to replace it”.

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