Pair's business idea turns fridge artworks into books

Post by Jeff Stevens on 25th February 2014 in Refrigeration, General industry

Pair's business idea turns fridge artworks into books

A pair of American women have come up with a novel way of preserving the pieces of their children's art which are usually consigned to the bin after they have been displaced from the fridge door – they have collated their accrued collections into a new type of book.

And Yael van Hulst and Jessica Anderson have now turned the idea into a business, compiling collections of their children's work into permanent coffee table books for proud parents to show off to family and other visitors.

The mums from Darien, Connecticut have set up Jumbo Dogs Art Books, after discussing ways in which they could combine earning an income with staying at home and bringing up their children.

"My kid was coming home with so much artwork and, as a parent, every piece is amazing," van Hulst told

"Our idea was to take all this art off parents' hands and create a beautiful book that they would want to display, look at and have forever."

The books look similar to wedding photo albums and, say the women, can accommodate pieces as large as three feet by five feet.

"Even if your kid is three years old, that art is spectacular," van Hulst said. "That art is important, that art should be showcased."

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