26 October 2010

One Of Our Screwdrivers Is Missing

An opportunist thief with a very large loose screw has made off with one of our seven foot long screwdrivers.

0800repair giant screwdriver stolen

The screwy screwdriver thief  managed to detach the screwdriver from the roof of one of our vans and then scarpered across London with his attention grabbing heist and must have been seen by — oh well quite a lot of people really, even in London it still quite unusual to see someone running around with a screwdriver larger than they are.

He did leave a bottle of beer on the bonnet of the van but we though this was a rather lame compensation for the loss of one of our most well known mascots.

Paul Feek, managing director of 0800 Repair, has put up a £100 reward for the screwdrivers safe return and you can read more about this here

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