10 March 2011

Energy Secretary says it’s up to UK householders to reduce emissions with renewable heating systems

Energy and www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Climate-Change”climate change secretary Chris Huhne has called on UK homeowners to aid reduction of carbon emissions from the UK housing stock by to taking up renewable heating systems.

Huhne estimates the country’s housing stock accounts for a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions.

Mr Huhne spelled out that demand for electricity could double by 2050 – a problem that may require a swift move to a low-carbon supply through renewable energy, nuclear and clean coal, and gas supply by carbon capture and storage.
Speaking at CentreForum, Mr Huhne said: “Across the country, boilers are firing up earlier than they need to. Burning more gas than they have to. Producing more emissions than they should do.” The minister called for increased installation of electric air and ground-source heat pumps, along with a higher uptake of biogas boilers and solar thermal technology.

He also advised improved insulation in an effort to reduce the heat escaping from buildings; a policy he says will be driven by the Green Deal.
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