05 January 2011

Help! Condensing Boiler Stopped Working

The recent cold weather has caused some considerable problems for many of our customers, plenty of burst pipe nightmares and these unusually cold conditions (for the UK) have made others more acutely aware of just how inefficient their heating systems and home insulation is.

We are not — ahem — out of the cold just yet either as January and February can often be the coldest months of winter.  One of the more frequent appliance problems this winter is caused by the spontaneous shutting down of condensing boilers. These are now standard across much of the UK because their operating principals reduce air pollution to virtually zero. Many of us are familiar with the condensing steam and gas mixture that pumps out of gas flu’s in cold weather, this is a potentially polluting byproduct of natural gas combustion. However, a condensing boiler condenses the exhaust vapour within the system and hot exhaust gases are effectively re circulated in an effort to increase thermal efficiency and reduce entropic losses. The internal condensing process produces water which has to fed out into an external drainage system. Problems arise when the external drain pipe from the boiler freezes thus causing the system to shut down for safety reasons.

There are many things that one can do to avoid this problem including external pipe lagging or feeding the drain pipe into another drainage route which is less prone to freezing up such as the drain pipe from a low level kitchen sink etc.

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