AEG Freezer Repair

If your AEG freezer suffers a breakdown, call out a 0800 REPAIR engineer, and his expertise could spare you from a food fiasco.  A call from one of our qualified and experienced technicians will ensure that your broken freezer gets prompt and expert attention.


AEG’s appliances are equally valued for their looks as their functionality. The company made its name with its first domestic appliance, a compact washing machine, which it introduced in 1951. Seven years later, it brought us the first fully-automatic washing machine, the Lavamat.

Now as part of the Electrolux family of companies, AEG is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of freezers and many other vital domestic appliances.  An AEG freezer should give years of reliable service, but it is possible for things to go wrong, and a faulty freezer can be costly in more ways than one.

At 0800 REPAIR, we have our own AEG freezer repairs specialists, who have undergone thorough theoretical and practical training so that they know your appliance inside-out. They know what the most common problems are, and most importantly, how to mend them.

Your AEG freezer is designed to give years of dependable service. Built to last, they come with an initial manufacturer’s guarantee. But as they get older, and become subject to greater wear and tear, things can, and do, go wrong – and a problem with a freezer can often leave you hot under the collar.

But you can rely on our qualified engineers to have the expertise to diagnose and mend your faulty AEG freezer quickly and with the least convenience to you. That means you’ll soon be able to carry on cooling, and your AEG freezer will continue to give you faithful service long afterwards.

When you have your AEG freezer repairs carried out by a 0800Repair AEG qualified engineer, your investment will be protected so that you and your family can continue to enjoy the benefits of having your favourite foods safely stored and ready to be enjoyed when the fancy takes you.

AEG appliances we can repair include:

  • Same day and Next day service *
  • Low Cost
  • Repairs fully guaranteed & insured
  • 24hr UK call centre
  • Access to all manufacturers parts
  • Part of Pacifica Group with 27 years experience

If you have had problems with a broken or faulty AEG Freezer then get in touch with 0800 REPAIR, by dialling 0800 REPAIR (0800 737247) or get a quote via our online booking form to get your AEG Freezer repaired. You can also chat now online