Panasonic TV Repairs

tv-audio-iconPick 0800 REPAIR for all your TV repairs, whether you own a Panasonic TV, projector or other brand of LCD, LED, 3D or plasma television. Here at 0800 REPAIR we only work with the best television repairs engineers to ensure that the service you get is quick and efficient.


Call our customer care team today or fill in the simple online form to tell us your name and address, the brand of television you are looking to have repaired and the most convenient date and time for your TV to be picked up by a courier. With this information we will ensure that you your television can be transported to our workshop to carry out any Panasonic TV repairs, LED TV repairs or LCD TV repairs.

Choose to have your Panasonic television repaired and save yourself the time, effort and money required to buy a new one. Often the problem will be simple to fix and our appliance repairs engineers can have the TV up and running again in quickly and efficiently, meaning you don’t pay a fortune for a new TV, or waste any time choosing.

Types of repairs we undertake on Televisions:

  • Screen Fault
  • Remote Problems
  • Electronic Failure
  • Tuning Issues
  • Sound Faults
  • Same day response
  • Fixed price labour
  • Repairs fully guaranteed & insured
  • 24hr UK call centre
  • Access to all manufacturers parts
  • Part of Pacifica Group with 27 years experience